Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mighty emo

Just came back from my trip to Singapore, possibly the last one I will have in a while, since I'm leaving for KT this Friday.....ahhhh, I'm so sad! The trip was great, but I'm not in the mood to talk about it....it's one of those freakishly emo days for me, conflicting emotions that leave me at a lost for words right now!

As if that's not enough, there's the thing that's constantly prodding at the back of my mind, the question that I have been dreading to answer! Ah, this was not how I planned to spend my birthday!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Temptations temptations, continued

I actually wanted to write in yesterday but my internet connection was screwy, seriously, I am not addicted to Prison Break! I have to admit, after I posted my last post, I did fell asleep....in the middle of episode 11 of prison break! :) But it's definitely not because the show was boring ok! Well anyways, last monday a couple of my friends and I went to a cafe at Bangsar Village 2 called "delicious" and we had THE MOST AWESOME, MOST MOUTH WATERING piece of chocolate brownie I have ever tasted in my whole 21++ years of existence! Maybe I'm being a triffle dramatic but it really is that good! If you ever get a craving for chocolate brownies, please go to this place....it's a bit price-y though at RM10++ a pop but it's worth every penny of it! The oozing hot chocolate sauce and the ice cream topping....shits, I have the urge to go get me some right now! :-P The cafe itself looks like something out of an episode of Sex and The City, where the girls usually have their breakfast gathering. There's people my sister and I would aptly call,"the wannabes", sitting there with their shiny designer bags and big insect-like shades (someone needs to tell them that it's not really that bright in the cafe!), there's also the "datin pack" with the big shiny jewellery and batik(or as I like to say, housecoat), and then there are the real people, like me with my ultra-trendy......flip flops, who go there for the food! That being said, the place is really comfortable and a nice hang out place but it is majorly packed especially on weekends by none other than the wannabes! I told myself I would take a picture of the brownie when I last went, but alas, when the brownie was served, all inhibitions were gone and everyone dove right in it, right until the very last drop of choco ooze(no, I did not lick the plate - I'm civilized, really - plus, I think if I did, the datins would have a myocardial infarction right then and there, now that would be dramatic!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Temptations temptations, Part 1

Ahhh, I'm back from all the poop talk last Friday. I realised today that, though I may have plenty of crap fact to share, it still won't be sufficient to last. Hence (wah, hence, me england is the very powderful!) I have decided that not every Friday is fabulous fact worthy! Don't worry though, the crap will come when you least expect it - kinda like LS due to food poisoning!

Alright, I was really lazy to write in over the weekend. Mostly coz I was busy watching Prison Break! I have to admit that I misjudged the show when it first came on TV and dismissed my second sister when she urged me to follow the show by saying, "You only watch it coz Wentworth Miller is on it!" Little did I know back then that I would be so, so, so I wouldn't say in love, but rather intrigued by the show. The story is amazing, kudos to the show's writers, so far ( I'm only at episode 10 of season 1 - so no spoilers please!). Plus, that Wentworth Miller, who's at the centre of the story, isn't exactly hard on the eyes either, I get why the girls, and some guys, would like this show. Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays the goody resident prison doctor is hot! However, sadly for certain guys, the eye-candy meter drops, plummets, to a complete NIL after that! It is after all the story of a bunch of cons trying to break out of prison! To keep it short, WM's character, Michael Scoffield orchestrates a perfect crime in order to get into the same prison as his brother Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell - you may remember him in such awesomely bad roles as the devil in Blade Trinity, but his performance as a convict on death row is golden here - is in for a crime he didn't commit. Don't bother about the difference in last names right now, just watch to find out! The said crime is the alleged murder of the Vice-president's brother. The vice-president is played uberly bitchy by Patricia Wettig who's also in Brothers and Sisters, which is another awesome show! Anyhoos, once inside the prison begins Michael's mission to escape, along with his brother with the help of some other thugs and a very awesome body tattoo that's actually a sketch of the prison map! Intrigued yet?

Even writing this I have the urge to continue watching the following episode, but I am adamant, determined to not give in and to sleep after I finish this post. For you who don't know, sleep is a very important, integral part of me being me! So for me to lose sleep, I must be plenty taken by this show! OK then, I'm practically typing with my eyes closed - forgive the typos if any - so I'm signing off! Nites!

Be back for part 2 soon!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Faeces Fact #1

Everyone Looks At Their POO After Finishing!

To quote Oprah, "Everyone does it, staring at their poop. I do it! Britney does it!"

I'm supremely excited today coz today I get to be my disgusting self in all it's glory! But seriously, everyone does it! You may think you don't, but you do! It doesn't matter what kind of poop it is; whether it is NS(normal sai - sai is poop in hokkien), LS(lao sai - diarrhoea), or even KS(Kek sai - constipated poop) you tend to look into the bowl after you've done the deed! Come on, don't tell me after you battle with yourself - may it be in the squating stance or the more laid back sitting contemplation stance - you shut your eye and flush?! :-)

You may think it's disgusting, this twisted human nature to look at poop, but it really isn't. In fact, your poop says a lot about you - health wise la...To make it simple, normal poop should be a nice light brown colour and it should float and it should have a nice curvy shape, like an "S" or a banana shape. This is another reason why people should really use the sitting contemplation stance unit instead of the squating unit, coz the squating one can only tell you the colour of your product! It may bring faster delivery, but at the end, what you get is just a pile of dung! :-)

OK, for those who don't know me, you must think I'm a sick %*#@ right about now, but let me explain, I'm a medical student, that's how I know about this shit! :-P Now you know there are 2 kinds of medical students.....the nerds who walk into walls, and the crazies, like moi!!

Of blood and water

Is it a bad sign that I'm out of things to write when I'm just into my 3rd post? Hmmm... Gary, you still think I'm the writer-type? Right, speaking of Gary, well, he's sorta like my cousin. Not convinced? I dare you to try and decipher my family tree - he's my grandma's(on my dad's side) sister's grandson! Ta-dah! In other words, he's my dad's cousins' son. Gosh, I didn't know I can use so many 's-ses in one sentence....I think it's grammatically wrong to do so, but I'm not exactly sitting for my IELTS now am I, so rojakla! Gary's blog is fantastic, go check it out, he's on my blog read list. Actually, he's the one who got me into blogging, so big THANKS to ya! This whole "distant" cousin thingy got me wondering if such things really do exist?! Can you really be "distant" to your own relative? To your own blood? And what if you find yourself "closer" to your "distant" relative compared to that of your immediate relative? In the context of blood, where science had it so simple, A, B, AB, or O, I can't help but wonder, is blood the only tie that binds us to each other? My dad used to tell me and my sisters that family is most important, that friends can come and go. But what if certain friends become more important and more significant in your life than your relatives? At the end of the day, is blood really that much thicker than water??

Heavy thoughts aside, I got a very interesting and informative text from my aunt today. She told me that I should be careful what I put in my blog - yes, I have very hip and happening blog-reading, IT savvy aunties - and come to think of it, the things she told me are very true, so I'm removing the picture of the "BUTT PIRATE" novel from my previous post! So if you missed out on that very interesting picture, too bad la!!

Ahhh, I think I should stop here....it's late and my dog, Bonggo - please do not make fun of my dog's name - needs to pee. Seriously, he has the worst pee and poo timing ever! It's 1 freakin' a.m and he needs to go!

~erm, I sorta need to pee........like, right now!

Speaking of poo....hehe....log on tomorrow for my very first, "Friday's Fabulous Faeces Fact!" Hahaha....seriously, it's not for the faint hearted. I got the idea from a blog I read that weighed the pros and cons of dog shit versus cat poo....seriously!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Of anticipation and realisations

So with bated breath I logged on to my blog to see if there were any visitors and comments on my very first ever-in-my-lifetime-blog, and there it was ............. "0 comments"; and so it was that khaihon.blogspot.com would come to an end; at my tombstone shall be written; " Here Lies Khai Hon, noone visitted his blog"....goodbye!

Haha, no seriously, I think I'm too obnoxious to leave silently! Plus, I'm rather thankful that the blog doesn't really tell you how many visitors you had, that's how I'm consolling myself la! Many, many have come to read my blog, it's just that they were too lazy-assed to leave a comment! OK! Great! Yay!

Anyhooos, it was an interesting day today - here the blogger would like to say that he's not the kind of blogger who goes on describing every minute of his waking moment in his sorta interesting day, coz seriously, he doesn't think ppl would care if he brushed his teeth or not - shits, I gotta stop referring to myself in the 3rd person, so not cool~ OK then, this is taking more time then I expected! Sooooo, as I was saying, I was at Starbucks la dis evening, (the one in Jaya Jusco Klang), I ordered a venti caramel frapuccino (it was too hot a day to order a cappuccino) - I bet you didn't wanna know that! - so this barista and I were talking ( I'm very friendly, no?), and she asked me where I was from, so I was like, "Huh? Klang la!" and she went, "really?? coz you look like you're from PJ or Subang"

Alrite, fast forward, as I was walking to the car ( the trusted transformer car, MyVi) enjoying mah-oh-so-nice frapuccino (sorry ya, no picture la), I couldn't help but wonder, do ppl generally separate others into where they come from ? like a class system?? and if they do, how many points does a person from Klang get?? (judging by her -the barista's- reaction, I'd say, not much) which is totally unfair coz Klang is WONDERFUL, a tad dirtyla but compensate with the oh-so-wonderful bah kut teh!! and if I get kudos for looking like I'm from PJ or Subang, what about ppl from KL? Here I'm guessing the closer you are to a big city, the more points you get! Geeez..whatever happened to not judging a book by it's covers eh?

Seriously, go think about it and let me know.....and if you, yes you, choose to be lazy assed again, it's OK, (channeling Arnie) "I'LL BE BACK!"

who knew back then he would be governor today?

see? don't judge a book by it's cover!

*unless it's just too dodgy to ignore

*Blogger has removed a picture from here for fear of being sued! :-(*

Monday, July 16, 2007

Of new beginnings

Khai Hon has arrived! Khai Hon is a blogger! Khai Hon has a blog space of his own! OK, I'm referring to myself in the third person, if you don't find that remotely depressing or downright scary, I suggest you should go seek professional help! But seriously, I can't believe that I am writing my own blog! See, you have to understand - if you don't know moi- that I, am completely and utterly hopeless when it comes to anything of this sorts; "this sorts" being things that are either IT related or things pertaining to the 3 big W's, yups, the WORLD WIDE WEB! I mean don't get me wrong, I know how to navigate my way through the internet, it's just that when it comes to creating my own stuff, i.e a blog, I find myself stuck in a stupendous rut! I just don't know how to get around it, I know it's hard to believe since it's the 21st century and it seems almost everyone on the planet is blogging but you do not want to know how long it took me to even create this blog account! Seriously, YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW! So, here I am, and yup, I see it fit to brag - Khai Hon has a blog~lol! And yes, for those of you who are snickering with cynicism right about now, I know that there isn't a big 'ol spider spinning an actual web as wide as the world OK?! Khai Hon is not THAT ignorant! Cheerioz~

......seriously, how sure are you there isn't a spider?!