Monday, February 23, 2009

With Tired Minds and Tired Souls, Let This Be Whatever It Should Be...

Sorry the blog have been placed private for a couple of weeks...
Sincerely hoping you guys are still with me!
There are some changes to be made, some have already been made, others, well, like I always say, "it's complicated"
To tell you the truth, I'm tired, tired, tired! Haha...Life is so draining sometimes no??
Hmmm...just the other day I was talking to my friend and it seems everyone is just so tired nowadays! Hehehe...must be the weather!
Gosh, I'm rambling!
Don't you sometimes feel like a stranger in your own world?
Like somethings just go out of your control even though you fight freaking hard to gain the wheel?
Hmmm...many times I feel like the most important things are slipping away
So that's why I'm tired...tired of holding on to something that refuses to stay put
Tired of wanting something more from an empty glass...