Monday, January 5, 2009

Of Fresh Starts and the Giving of Thanks...

Happy New Year ppl! I'm surprised that my blog still has hits, and some new readers too, thanks whoever u are (but I think I know who u r!!) It's been dormant for quite some time now I know!!
Well, it's the new year, and with it come the resolutions! But me thinks me is going to forgo the resolutions this year, and really be thankful for somethings that have happened to me recently!
U see, ppl always say that priorities change when u get out, seemingly unscathed from a near-death experience and well, I got into a car accident few days ago, I dunno if it counts as near-death but I sure as hell am thankful to still be writing this eh?! and my housemates are fine...but the car! the poor car!! Damn u, whoever u r who poured oil all over the road!! It's a conspiracy I tell u!! Argh, but moving on, let's not dwell on the nasty things in life!

The past few weeks have brought about much changes in my life....significant changes! And I would like to say a few things to these few, very special ppl...hopefully u r reading la...u know who u r...

Dear M.A, thanks for everything this past holidays....I had so much fun with u and the others, I'm super regretting y we didn't hang out more (more like, AT ALL!! Haha) when we were younger!! C ya soon cuz!

Dear D, thanks for makin the whole cousin meet up thing happen! and thanks for this past few weeks as well, u r amazing, out story is pretty cool to actually! and stop fixing me up with m.a, we're related!

Dear R, I know I've been a lousy friend with my crappy mood this past few weeks and hopefully u will forgive me!

Dear G, I know we haven't really met up this hols but u r like the catalyst to the whole close-distant-cousin meet up thing! After all, we're the original 2 yea?! haha...over coffee!! C ya soon, CNY yeah!!

To all the new ppl I've met this past couple of weeks...some of u might be reading this...the pleasure is all mine, hope to catch up with u guys soon!!

Quick shout out to me fam and sis, I'm still keeping the sms! Oakley baby!! Woohoo!!
Everyone else I know....thanks for makin 2008 count for me...