Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Unfair, Unjust, Undue

Today, I saw first hand how unjustifiable some (many) things are in this life. In many ways I understand why these unwarranted "precautions" are put into place where they are. That being said, it still does not feel right, it's almost agonizing to know that we still live in an age where many a things are taboo, many things are still too sensitive to talk, to educate about. In fact, many of these things are simply fundamentally misunderstood, misjudged or straight-up avoided by most society! If this were a perfect little world, well, I wouldn't know because, my dear, this is not a perfect little world - far from it in fact!! But then again, times change, mindset, attitudes evolve, human beings step up to face the challenge that is humanity itself. Just like the African American gain independence and standing in racist civilization, just like womanhood charged victorious against a sexist world, maybe one day....maybe one day. Come to think of it, the blacks are still being oppressed, women still harassed, ah, I wonder how the Jews are doing! Much to do, much to do.
Today wasn't particularly a good day, it wasn't bad just not good enough. As always, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow!!

"When we segregate, the stigma arises; Once we integrate, the stigma goes"

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can't Wait.... go back home!!! 9 more days and I'll be away from this god-forsaken place and touching and breathing the musky, dusty, and smoky air of civilization that is KL and Klang! Ah, HAPPINESS!!

.....for the goddamn writer's strike in the U.S to end! Return me mah beloved TV shows!! Do you know that Heroes has ended for the year?! And get this, it won't return until freakin' March!!! Argh!! That is provided the strike ends then!! Double FREAKIN' ARGH!! and that's just Heroes, what about Brothers and Sisters? And Grey's?? And Private Practice??? And Prison Break??? And Gossip Girl????? Yes, yes, I know I watch a lot of shows so sue me!! My eldest sis used to suggest that I hang the television set around my neck so I can watch it ALL THE TIME!! It's times like these when I'm thankful to have Naruto - the ONLY anime I watch, I swear!! Geeez, I need to find a something new to do while waiting for the return of mah fav shows!! Troublesome troublesome!

.....for shopping!! It's the MEGA-SALE, although I have this notion that manufacturers/the people who run shops, hike up the price just before sales so in the end, it sums up to nearly the same amount and the word "SALE" is just another word on a piece of cardboard, but it's the whole reverse psychology thing and it just feels gooooods and I think I'm talking too much and I seriously think there should be a few full stops in this extremely long sentence.

.....for my Aunty Amy, Uncle David and cousin Christine from England, yes I have "Ang-mo" relatives, to come visit in January!! Luckily I'll also be back in Klang then for the Chinese New Year break!! Wooohoo!!! move into the newly rented house. I've simply had enough of hostel life! Maybe it's the whole sharing room and toilet thing! Soon (but not soon enough), I'll have my own room - again. Can go naked as I please!! Bet you didn't need to know that!! Hehe.... Ah, the freedom of it all!! Nice!! find love anew - pretty self explanatory huh?! Highly unlikely though....issues issues issues!!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Of The Little Things....

Isn't it funny how sometimes what seemed like the most insignificant things could catch you off guard and pleasantly surprise you? The monsoon has finally started here in KT, mornings are incredibly cold, drabby, moody, so much so you can taste the laziness in the air (yes, I'm being my dramatic self) but yeah, at the very least for me - I don't know about the machines takin' human form I live with but definitely for me! Yet again, I'm terribly lazy/nasty most mornings anyway!! Haha....What can I say, me likes the cold!! Except for cold shower that is....Humongous NO NO!! But that's another day.....
Day breaks and the sun shines, yet amid the sweltering glare, there's a constant cool breeze that blows. Dusk brings with it a quaint calm, a peculiar serenity amid fierce winds.
The rough sea is a sight to behold, I have never in my 22 years of life seen such waves, it's amazing how the waves roll in and hit the sandy beach!! Seriously, and no, I'm not out of my mind!
Maybe it's the wind, maybe it's nature, or maybe it's just peculiar me, but it's as if you're transported - for a while - to a better, calmer place where nothing really matters anymore! Sheesh, listen to me, I'm practically preaching!! Yikes!! Better stop!

Mediocrity, what quiet satisfaction!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Perils.....

Someone wise once said,
"You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget"!
True no? Well, I told you he/she's someone wise....
And as much as I want to remember who, I can't~

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Of Apologies and Anonimity to the Power of 33

Hey peeps, truly sorry for the insanely loooooong hiatus! If you're still reading this, a big thank u! Right, here would be the time I give you some lame-ass excuse about how busy I've been and how hectic things are in my awfully drama-laden life in med school - if you're thinking; seriously, drama-laden in med school? - seriously.....very seriously (hmmm....sounds wrong) But anyways, I have some dish to spill, actually many, many dishes (can you see the devilish smirk I have on me face?!), today my dear readers, I present to you the reason why my life is so colourful (for lack of a better word) right now. Also, partly the reason why drama is always around the corner when it comes to yours truly! It's ready for it?! course mates!!

1. The one with a rubbish bin for a stomach; scratch that, I should say selective rubbish bin coz cinnamon is a no-no in his case. Awfully smart though....hmmm....maybe I shouldn't eat cinnamon that much, but still, who doesn't like cinnamon?! But he's great! Of course, you wouldn't expect anything less from my roommate would ya?!

2. The fart-o-nator.....enough said! Haha.....elaborate?? Well, there's really nothing much to say is's simple....if Beethoven was a piano prodigy, then this one is a farting prodigy! Seriously! He can even control the frequency, sound, and I would go as far as saying the "odour" of it! Haha....oversharing no? well, that's probably his motto in life!! Some sick, twisted tendency to share his farts! Otherwise, he's a pretty good chap all around yea!

3. The tiny one who calls me the S.O.E - the source of all evil - seriously, me? Evil?? You gotta be kidding me!! Hehe....Haha...Hoohoo!! Anyhoos, he's a chinese boy - tiny lil' boy - but totally banana; speaks to chinese patients in the MALAY!! Has an awfully cute chinese name that sounds kinda like the noise mosquitoes make...ngeeeeeeeee

4. The Princess of GKL (Gao-Kai-Lui - basically it means big spender in hokkien), like many other girls, she would give up food for bags, shoes, clothes, make-up, perfume, products, seriously, the list goes on forever! Oh yes, if there's anyone who can sleep more than me, it's her! Awesomely fantastic friend, good company!

5. The petite, pretty and feisty sister. What she lacks in height, she makes up in her kick-ass humour and ultra-nice personality. However, once you cross her, that's it!! Ultimately a cool chick to hang out if only we could do somethin bout her mobile phone which seems like it's super-glued to her ears!

6. His name is Stylo, James Stylo.....the kampung boy with mucho stylos!! He's really not from a kampung la, he lived in MY hometown all his life but then again, he's FROM a kampung!! Eeeesh, I'm so gonna get wacked!! It's really not that difficult to indentify him....if you're drving or walking down a familiar road and you just happen to catch a glance of somethin' peculiar, e.g like a neon light or a traffic light out of place, well it's probably just him in one of his uber-bright ensemble. To confirm, you can always look for lavender coloured shoes....seriously, their lavender! All jokes aside (I'm not really kidding actually)....good chap....good looking too!!

7. The one who looks like he trains with those guys from 98˚ - if you don't know who they are, there's this thing called "google", it's very hot now, go try it! Plus, he's super cool, good to hang out with, drinking buddy, good-lookin but it seems only nasty-looking, stalker-prone girls keep falling for him...poor thing!

8. The one who in my opinion could win Miss India! Hehe....But she ain't Indian, so too bad la! She's one of my very first friends in this course. Extremely sweet, even sweeter than sweeteners! Don't get me wrong though, she has her "moments"!! She's the master of "the mornin' syndrome", so if you think I'm "McNasty" in the morning, well, I learned from the best! That said, she's the very limited people that I can proudly say that I would call my friend many many many years to come!

9. The one that was not at all what I expected! She reminds me of one of my primary school classmates. Yes, I still keep in touch with my primary school friends, so bite me! Yups, she's one of those pretty, but awfully quiet ones. I used to think she had gold in her mouth coz she hardly ever spoke - to me at least - well, now that we're sorta living under the same roof (ah, keep ur dirty minds in check, it's a hostel roof, ok?!) I have to admit that I was really wrong about her. Surprisingly.....

10. Flaaaaaat!! Chaneling the fart-o-nator again!! Incredibly compromising person sometimes to preposterous proportions . Sweet, incredibly difficult to dislike. But sometimes, she's so nice, you feel like strangling her, if only for her own good.

11. The uber-responsible, commitment welcoming, totally nice and friendly one with the head thing.

12. The big sister, who's losing hair and has stained yellow teeth according to the fart-o-nator!! Hehe....She's one of the older ones among us, but heck, she looks younger than most of us here!! Seriously, I swear I didn't believe her when she told me her age!

13. Nothing much to say about him except that well, could be a trifle annoying sometimes with his facts...otherwise, he's alright la...

14. The one with the incredibly straight, long hair! Another petite one, feels like she only eats maggi mee!! I know, and she has that long hair! Serious!!

15. The one from the land famous for "siew pau"! Very responsible person. Her name sounds like the flower container. She's probably THE most reliable informant when you want to validate some news or gossip floating around. Oh yes, she may or may not have a physiological goitre!

16. The tall one, everytime I talk to him, I feel like I'm about to sprain my neck, so I step back a bit (a lot actually) or I choose to talk to him when there are staircases around so that I can look him in the eye when I talk and not, well, up his nostrils....

17. CK, Gucci, Prada and whatever-Cavalli outlets call him....yes....calls him, whenever there are some new items in the items...nope, not sale items....NEW items....oh yes...and who can forget the beemer named bambee?

18. The Mrs. to the Mr. CK! Nice girl, but can sometimes go "kuku"....start pinching and biting people - but then again, she hasn't been doing that ever since she got together with Mr. Bambee. Yups, kinda miss having her around! Seems all she does nowadays is visit French Connection UK stores, and when I say "stores" I don't literally mean "store" except maybe if you're thinking in the line of FCUK in a "store-room"??!

19. The one who leaves a lot of hair! No, he's not a human-doggy mutant!! LAME - I know, but it's my blog and you're reading it....go figure!! Hehe...

20. The one who looks like a gynae. Really, my sister took one look at him - in a GROUP photo - mind you, and says, " aiyo, he looks like a gynae!" Go figure! But then again, this is my sister who used to think that Aeron Kwok was cute.....eeew....the horrors of puberty, thank goodness she has since...."aged"...hehe....

21. The other big sister who's the roommate of the one who recently gave up her air-conditioned room coz she was about ready to melt in her old room. Confused yet?! This one strikes me as the motherly type. One who in future will juggle motherhood and career-woman with the ease of mercury sliding down the surface of a glass. She's poised, incredibly confident yet painfully humble too!!

22. I call him the walking dictionary! Looks like a lollipop....big head...thin....

23. The one with a little bit of body odour.....I've said too much!!

24. I call him the walking encyclopedia of medicine. He has this sorta cool gift of photographic memory, and he has the brain storage capacity that rivals the titanic itself - ok, ok, I know I'm being a trifle dramatic but seriously....he's freakin smart it's borderlines scary!!

25. If a triangle has 3 edges, this one is the fourth edge! Me knows me nots makin any sense, but trust me, the situation is so, so, insensible, so what you want me to do ar?! Let me see if I can make more sense of this seemingly unresolving tangle. So it all started with one of my coursemates liking this other coursemate, but this other coursemate likes another coursemate but this latter coursemate doesn't really want to complicate a good friendship, cause it was clear (for everyone else anyway) that the coursemate I'm mentioning right now likes him(or her - beat me to death, I'm not naming names) Ah, the drama of it all!!

26. The used to be class flirt. I say "used to be" because I think, well, with flirtation come drama, plus, when you only have 18 ladies in the class, there's some major shortage to where you project flirtation to right?! Kekeke.....that said, he's a good friend. Never one with shortage of drama though! And people call me the drama-king! Sheeesh!!

27. The persistent romeo. The one whose mobile phone ended up in the bottom a flood-drain! The edge that in my opinion, loses the most in the end - when the end comes that is - but still, you never know right? Circumstances change, things change, I guess that's how writers of famous TV shows keep audiences coming back for more no?! But why waste a perfectly good and functioning mobile phone?!

28. The reluctant lover. Technically not lover la, as far as I know, but you don't say "the reluctant more-than-friends right?! Hehehe.....ah, why the drama? What's life without a lil' bit of drama no? But then again, this whole non-triangle business can put those soap dramas to shame - without the sex of course - hehe...

29. The psycho one, used to be the most psychotic one, but nowadays she's lost her throne to an even more psychotic one....She's not really psychotic la, me thinks for the most part, she's misunderstood, but then again, how can one expect others to understand her when she comes up with sentences like, "I smell the stink smell?!"

30. The one with the hysterical's irritatin sometimes, nope, I take it back, it's freakishly irritatin most of the time it borderlines insane! Seriously, have you ever seen Batman? The ones with the character "The Joker" in it? Well, it's like living in that movie with this person! The craziness is palpable!

31. The one with the secret-keeping capacity of a teaspoon. Used to be close to me and many others, but her ways have swayed the formation of a considerable distance. I wonder if she's been misunderstood all this while, that we, not her is at fault. Yet, those are questions that I find most difficult to answer, or perhaps, those are questions that shall remain as they are, at least for now.

32. The one they call the big fat pig, but it's just a tease, coz she ain't fat, can't even say that she's plump....well, maybe a bit.....erm....maybe if you compared her to the rest of the girls here....coz everyone else is either way too thin or borderline aneroxic! She can be quite clue-less sometimes, whether or not she's pretendin or not that's another matter la! She's also one of those people who has the secret-keeping capacity of a teaspoon! And her presentations can be uber-ly long-ish that's why most of the time, she's called the "Great Wall of China"!!

33. Miss-self-absorbed, miss-the-whole-world-revolves-around-me, miss-I-went-to-the-U.K-for-3-months-vacation-some-years-ago-and
-somehow-the-accent-got- stuck-with-me-so-fuck-off!!

And then there's me, well, nobody dishes about themselves right?! Aiyo!! I guess it's important to say that these descriptions are what these characters project to me, personally, it's my opinion at this moment in time. Who knows what will change? I may think differently of some or many or all of them tomorrow right?! If say for instance you are reading this and you happen to be my coursemate and well, just don't agree with me....well, then, you can always tell me la, or better yet, don't read MY BLOG!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No explanations, it's just me

Hey peeps, I know it's been a while....been busy, things have been pretty hectic around here if I may say so. Last week was my final week in the Internal Medicine block - for those of you who don't quite understand what you just read in the previous sentence, it basically means I can take a breather from the hospital! That dun mean I dislike hospital life, a person just needs a breather every once in a while! But then again, after 7 weeks in the wards, there's a lingering sense of attachment! Seriously, very emo huh?!

Right, gotta say that I'm in one of my moods....again.....There are times, many times in fact, in my life, that I have chosen to distance myself away from certain circumstances, certain things, certain people. It's like second nature for me to leave something be when it becomes potentially dependable. Move on, away. Returning, if ever, only when said something no longer seem dependable onto me or me onto it. Maybe it's a fear of commitment, I don't know, but everytime I'm faced with these circumstances, I feel suffocated, compelled to just up and leave.

I guess some may say that it's a form of fear of commitment, however, for example, if you get "involuntarily" stuck in a situation most unfavourable, isn't it just basic human instinct to leave, wash your hands clean and just stay the hell away from the sticky situation?!

If, my dear readers, you think that I'm commitment-shy, I say this to y'all.....
I call it self-preservation!! c

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fated, Farted, Fasted!!

Ah, the fasting month is upon us! What a difference a day makes, one day things were normal, and when the sun rises the next day, you find yourself at a total loss of words....the supposedly opened 24hour KFC - that's kentucky fried chicken peeps - has it's shutters pulled down and locked so tightly it feels like they vacuum-packed the whole building so that not even a breath of tantalizing KFC-filled wisp of air leaks out!! Shits....the hunger!

So with much hope yet even more trepidation, you move to some other watering - or shall I say food - hole, may it be the hospital cafeteria or shops around the hospital area. Again, greeted with shutters and "closed" signs....Damn, it feels like the growling protest of the stomach could be heard from miles away. Disbelief, utter disbelief!!

At this moment, if my life was a cartoon, it is likely that the people I see, or rather just about every living thing that I pass, would appear as a big and juicy slab of meat!!! Fucks....this ain't helping!

It is times like these when you are truly tested, if you happen to be a non-muslim living in a place where the majority is otherwise, not by your ability to fast, rather, by your ability to look for food!! Haha...Luckily, there is food to be found in the form of Chinatown!! It feels like thanksgiving came early this year!!

So for those of you who are wondering - and secretly praying - if I've starved to death yet, the answer is NO, I'm fine.....just hungry! But then again, I'm always hungry!! Hehe....c yas


~don't let the smiley faces fool ya, this is pro' lly the worst place to have a tosai....ever!

other stuffs edible though....

still, don't think we're coming back anytime soon

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hopelessly Addicted

I can feel it coming, the urge, the need, so insatiable, the yearning, the helplessness, vulnerability that which rivals a kitten trying to cross a busy road, so naked, the impossible feeling of surrendering to it, giving in, letting it take over.

It came slowly but unquestionably; insidious this thing, somehow, someway, like I knew it would. Like it did countless times before. This thing that's been a part of me since.....I don't know when! Yet, I hate it not, but that doesn't mean I like it either!

So here I am, contemplating, like a hopeless addict faced with his demons, in the dark corners of my mind, planning. Should I walk, no, run away? If I did, would I fall deeper into it's sinister clutches? Could I?? Would I manage without it? Questions, forever, in my mind!

This thing, if only you knew, you'd probably lose it too!

This need,

this overwhelming need


PONTENG!! Hehehehe......

Hahaha, sorry peeps, if you know me, besides being a glorified drama king, I "used" to be the person who plays truant as deftly as Jim Brickman plays his piano! And now, I'm experiencing what people would call....withdrawal symptoms....still right now, conscience has the upper hand! (damn you conscience)!! I know I would be on the losing end if I do it now, but soon....yes......soon.......muahahaha (evil)......seriously, I'm scaring myself! Bye!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When things feel different

It's been nearly a week now since I returned to KT from Klang - gosh, it's so weird that I'm starting to truly consider excepting this place! Ahh....adaptation, what peculiar human behaviour! Things feel different this time around, as it should, I always knew in my heart that coming back here after the first visit home would be damn difficult, and it is, or rather it was for the past few days! But now that the cloudy facade of this being a holiday has lifted, I guess I can start "accepting" - I know, say it with me people; Gasp!! - this place as my potential "home" (double-freakin-GASP!!) No, no, scrap that....not home, but rather a place to live in; then again, it's not like I'm left with much of a choice here am I?! Argh....

Friday, August 31, 2007


Hey peeps, I apologise beforehand if you find this title remotely offending, however it do I put my entry today! For those of you who don't already know, I'm back in Klang, my hometown!! Hooray, and today was perfect with a capital P!! I woke up this morning in my fabulous bed - fabulous as in I've been sleeping in it for so long I can smell myself in the bed, oversharing no? Hehe....It's mah blog!! Nyways, guess what I had for breakfast?! The original, most authentic, absolutely scrumptious KLANG BAH KUT TEH!! My gosh, it was sooooooo good, I stuffed it all in so much I didn't need to have lunch - seriously, thank god for strecth-able stomach! Have I mentioned how good it feels to be back home?! Ahhh....

Next, as I predicted, went shopping with my sis and Justin in the revamped Subang Parade today. It's no longer the dodgy place it used to be, trust me, in fact I might go as far as saying that it's really a good place to hang out! Not kidding!!

Dinner time, my sis and Justin brought me to this PORK ribs place somewhere near Mont Kiara area - I know this because we past the "forever-dodgy-avoid-at-all-cost" Science Center! And man, PORK ribs and BEER, it's sooooo goooooods! I'm so damned stuffed right now it's amazing I can sit down and write this!! Hence (wow, hence, my english teacher is gonna be so proud of me if she reads this - highly unlikely though) I'm gonna have to stop soon!!

Everything must come to an end right? And this end is particularly horrifying! I'm going back to no-pork-land tomorrow night! Ahh, as predicted again....I don't wanna go! ARGH!! I'm gonna miss home so much, but then again, nothing beats the anticipation of coming home next right? Ah, just another 7 weeks!!

Oh yeah, one piece of information left....yesterday night when I got back home....I ate Bah Kua....if you don't know what it's basically PORK!! Hehehe....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Going Home

I'm going home!! I'm going home!! After what's feels like a whole lot of time (1month) here in the land of "zilch" entertainment, I'm finally going home! To Klang, land of glorious food and excitement; I don't even mind the filthy river ( technically it's not Klang river that's polluted, it's Gombak river that flows into Klang river! ) Hehe...seriously, I'm just giddy with excitement!

Then again, I fear going back now would bring about some potentially ill consequences....ominous no?! Well, I predict there may be some degree of bed hugging or door hugging, some form unfruitful negotiations to stay a couple of days more when the time comes to leave and come back to this desolate place! Sad sad sad!!

Well, think on the bright side, first thing I'm gonna do when I land in LCCT, COFFEE BEAN and MCDONALD', thank my sis soooooooooo much for comin to get me, reach home, bonggo - my dog (see below for picture - no, u got to go way down to my previous entries), warning! seeing my dog's picture might actually make u fall in love with me!! haha...then, a nice, loooooooong, HOT SHOWER - it's times like these when I wish that we still had a bath tub at home - and then I'm gonna go sleep....extra my morning, BREAKFAST, I'll probably stuff up so much I don't need lunch but still, energy is needed for shopping, no?! Dinner with my sis, she promised to bring me to a place with the best PORK....yes....PORK RIBS!! My parents went to Miri for a holiday, aiyo, sad sad sad!! Back home, I'm predicting - no, not a prediction, more of a FACT - I'll be planting my ass into the sofa, in front of one of the world's most fabulous creation, ASTRO!!

Foreseeing a lot of moodiness and emo on Saturday....still, life goes on no?! But then again, life? Here? In KT? Seriously?? haih~

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Of Sleep, or Rather The Lack There Of!

Ah, it's been less than 3 weeks - seriously? it feels like 3 months already - since Year 3 of med school started and I'm already deprived of sleep!! Ah, sad sad sad! My most favourite past time next to eating and I ain't getting nearly enough of it! Argh....frustrating!!

People always say that this is the life of a doctor, I get it, I do, just in the mood to complain!! Yups, I get mighty nasty when I don't get mah sleep, so bite me!! Still, I can't be going to the wards with my face down to there, so the next most favourable option is to pent up all the sleepiness, tiredness, laziness, discontentness (hmm, does this word exist?), all the ness, suck it up and put on a brave, sympathetic and approachable face! And might I say I pull it off pretty well!! Ah, showmanship! Or some people would just call it two-faced smug; I personally prefer the former! Still it only takes one patient to make all the general negative-ness go away. Sympathy kicks in like caffeine in a triple shot venti cappuccino (ah, what I would give for a starbucks or coffee bean right now!) and I find myself silently giving thanks to be where I am, right then, on the other side of the bed.

Alas, like all great coffee, one can only hold out for so long. Caffeine clears from the system and tolerance level plummets to a depressing low, ease of being aggitated sky-rockets. It feels like I'm about to rip off the heads of some of the more annoying and irritating coursemates (namely the "-itis"s - it's an inside joke)! By this time though, it'll be late evening and I'll be well on my way back, frustration is replaced with nonchalance. The prospect of dinner, shower, and sleep (or at least rest) is like winning the lottery (lol....dramatic I know). Then it happens, the realization of a horrificly true fact.....

There's NO WATER HEATER YET so it's COLD SHOWER, AGAIN!!!!!!! F*@#

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Faeces Fact #2

Shit Happens, Deal With It!

Dear readers, sorry it took so long to put up the second entry of my fabulous fact! LOL....But if you are in my shoes right now (and by shoes I mean my life as it is right now) , trust me, you would understand my predicament! Then again, it's life right?!

The fact today is pretty self explanatory no? Circumstances change the course of your life and it's best to adapt. Adapt right, and adapt fast! For life's unfair and karma's a bitch, bad things happen to good people all the time...believe me, in my line of work (well future work), I see it basically everyday! So change is inevitable....the poop has to fall somewhere, either into the toilet bowl or on your windscreen or anywhere else. You can whine, you can grumble, you can throw a pissy fit but at the end of the day you just got to deal with it one way or the other right?!

So why not skip the dramatic stress-inducing facade and just deal with things as they are eh?! Why do we dwell in the past instead of living in the now?!

~yes, that's Bah Kut Teh! In Chinatown Kuala Terengganu!!

It was the first time I had BKT with chopsticks! Totally weird! But totally GOOOODssss!!

Klang ones are better though! ah, miss home!!

P/S : MV, if you are reading this, my msn

Monday, August 20, 2007

Confusing Confucius, The Case of the Missing M

There are things in this life that shouldn’t be meddled with, things that shouldn’t be taken lightly, things that are so utterly important, so incredibly significant that even a wisp of change will bring about chaos of catastrophic proportions. Such things are so delicate and intricately intertwined with normal living behaviour that any change just don’t make no sense, yet, change happens, and you end up having Friday and Saturday as your weekend! Come on man, it’s just impossible to compute! SUNDAY, A WORKING DAY??????!!!!! How freaking f*#$-ed up is that?! Aiseh…..shits…depressed!!

I get the feeling I’m living in an alternate reality right now, weekdays just feel longer than usual, weekends feel like they fly by in a blink of an eye. I firmly believe it’s the screwed up weekend system. Maybe I still haven’t gotten used to the idea, maybe maybe maybe, but can you blame me for refusing to accept that the state I live right now is probably one in a handful (or should I say hand-less) of places in THIS WHOLE GREAT BIG WIDE world to have a Friday-Saturday weekend??

It’s so mind-blowingly confusing sometimes, I wake up knowing that it’s the third day in a week I’ve woken up early, but it’s only Tuesday….confused? Welcome to mah world!

Well, I guess there’s nothing silly lil’ me can do about this “catastrophe” except to accept it right? When I finally decide to leave it be, something even more terribly confusing about this place presents itself in all its agonizingly myth-like mockery to life….…..



……………..MCDONALD’S in KUALA TERENGGANU!! Arghhhhh……

~very beach ready no?? well, at least 3 of us...

from left; Nelson the Fart-o-nator, Khang How the walking Medical Library, Kim Hoon the roommate, yours truly, and Khai Yang the copycat who shares the same middle name!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Keropok Lekorized

One thing you cannot miss in KT (just like mosques only edible) is keropok lekor's sorta like the famous non-healthy indulgent food here, it's a fish keropok but not the crispy kind, instead it's the squishy long things that looks really dodgy but hey, never try never know right?! Seriously, when driving along KT you can see people selling them by the side of the road every single mile without fail. So yesterday we were brought to the supposedly "MOST FAMOUS" keropok lekor store in KT a.k.a Keropok Lekor Kak Yah! It was surprisingly nice but the thing is they sold them in packets of 8 and alas, I didn't have the wisdom to think to share, so I greedily bought a whole pack for myself! Let's put it this way, there wasn't any room left for breathing when I was done with the thing and I think I've had enough of the oily stuff to last me, well, my whole lifetime perhaps?!

Ahh, the fact that I'm writing a post today means that the internet connection in my campus is up and running - finally - but it's still screwy at best. I had to wait nearly 5 mintues just to sign into my blog! Aiyoyo~ but at least it's up, and I have contact with the civilized world even though it's a screwed up contact la...Still no Wifi though...need to use the LAN line in the PC lab....please don't ask me what's Wifi or tak taus!!

It still feels like I'm on vacation right now, but come Sunday (yes, isn't it sad that my weekends are now on Friday and Saturday?!) I think things will be pretty hectic. Ward duties throughout the day and on calls at night! Aiseh...somehow I feel like this is the calm before the storm!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Goodbye, Hello!

Goodbye my dear family, goodbye my friends, goodbye my cute doggy-dog Bonggo, goodbye bah kut teh, goodbye delicious chicken rice, goodbye savoury chocolate brownies, goodbye swimming pool, goodbye gym, goodbye people I say “hi” to but fail to remember their names, goodbye my dearest coffee bean / starbucks, goodbye shopping malls, goodbye cinema, goodbye astro, goodbye E!, goodbye goodbye goodbye!!

Hello Kuala Terengganu……erm…..uhhhh… of gazillion mosques!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mighty emo

Just came back from my trip to Singapore, possibly the last one I will have in a while, since I'm leaving for KT this Friday.....ahhhh, I'm so sad! The trip was great, but I'm not in the mood to talk about's one of those freakishly emo days for me, conflicting emotions that leave me at a lost for words right now!

As if that's not enough, there's the thing that's constantly prodding at the back of my mind, the question that I have been dreading to answer! Ah, this was not how I planned to spend my birthday!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Temptations temptations, continued

I actually wanted to write in yesterday but my internet connection was screwy, seriously, I am not addicted to Prison Break! I have to admit, after I posted my last post, I did fell the middle of episode 11 of prison break! :) But it's definitely not because the show was boring ok! Well anyways, last monday a couple of my friends and I went to a cafe at Bangsar Village 2 called "delicious" and we had THE MOST AWESOME, MOST MOUTH WATERING piece of chocolate brownie I have ever tasted in my whole 21++ years of existence! Maybe I'm being a triffle dramatic but it really is that good! If you ever get a craving for chocolate brownies, please go to this's a bit price-y though at RM10++ a pop but it's worth every penny of it! The oozing hot chocolate sauce and the ice cream topping....shits, I have the urge to go get me some right now! :-P The cafe itself looks like something out of an episode of Sex and The City, where the girls usually have their breakfast gathering. There's people my sister and I would aptly call,"the wannabes", sitting there with their shiny designer bags and big insect-like shades (someone needs to tell them that it's not really that bright in the cafe!), there's also the "datin pack" with the big shiny jewellery and batik(or as I like to say, housecoat), and then there are the real people, like me with my ultra-trendy......flip flops, who go there for the food! That being said, the place is really comfortable and a nice hang out place but it is majorly packed especially on weekends by none other than the wannabes! I told myself I would take a picture of the brownie when I last went, but alas, when the brownie was served, all inhibitions were gone and everyone dove right in it, right until the very last drop of choco ooze(no, I did not lick the plate - I'm civilized, really - plus, I think if I did, the datins would have a myocardial infarction right then and there, now that would be dramatic!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Temptations temptations, Part 1

Ahhh, I'm back from all the poop talk last Friday. I realised today that, though I may have plenty of crap fact to share, it still won't be sufficient to last. Hence (wah, hence, me england is the very powderful!) I have decided that not every Friday is fabulous fact worthy! Don't worry though, the crap will come when you least expect it - kinda like LS due to food poisoning!

Alright, I was really lazy to write in over the weekend. Mostly coz I was busy watching Prison Break! I have to admit that I misjudged the show when it first came on TV and dismissed my second sister when she urged me to follow the show by saying, "You only watch it coz Wentworth Miller is on it!" Little did I know back then that I would be so, so, so I wouldn't say in love, but rather intrigued by the show. The story is amazing, kudos to the show's writers, so far ( I'm only at episode 10 of season 1 - so no spoilers please!). Plus, that Wentworth Miller, who's at the centre of the story, isn't exactly hard on the eyes either, I get why the girls, and some guys, would like this show. Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays the goody resident prison doctor is hot! However, sadly for certain guys, the eye-candy meter drops, plummets, to a complete NIL after that! It is after all the story of a bunch of cons trying to break out of prison! To keep it short, WM's character, Michael Scoffield orchestrates a perfect crime in order to get into the same prison as his brother Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell - you may remember him in such awesomely bad roles as the devil in Blade Trinity, but his performance as a convict on death row is golden here - is in for a crime he didn't commit. Don't bother about the difference in last names right now, just watch to find out! The said crime is the alleged murder of the Vice-president's brother. The vice-president is played uberly bitchy by Patricia Wettig who's also in Brothers and Sisters, which is another awesome show! Anyhoos, once inside the prison begins Michael's mission to escape, along with his brother with the help of some other thugs and a very awesome body tattoo that's actually a sketch of the prison map! Intrigued yet?

Even writing this I have the urge to continue watching the following episode, but I am adamant, determined to not give in and to sleep after I finish this post. For you who don't know, sleep is a very important, integral part of me being me! So for me to lose sleep, I must be plenty taken by this show! OK then, I'm practically typing with my eyes closed - forgive the typos if any - so I'm signing off! Nites!

Be back for part 2 soon!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Faeces Fact #1

Everyone Looks At Their POO After Finishing!

To quote Oprah, "Everyone does it, staring at their poop. I do it! Britney does it!"

I'm supremely excited today coz today I get to be my disgusting self in all it's glory! But seriously, everyone does it! You may think you don't, but you do! It doesn't matter what kind of poop it is; whether it is NS(normal sai - sai is poop in hokkien), LS(lao sai - diarrhoea), or even KS(Kek sai - constipated poop) you tend to look into the bowl after you've done the deed! Come on, don't tell me after you battle with yourself - may it be in the squating stance or the more laid back sitting contemplation stance - you shut your eye and flush?! :-)

You may think it's disgusting, this twisted human nature to look at poop, but it really isn't. In fact, your poop says a lot about you - health wise la...To make it simple, normal poop should be a nice light brown colour and it should float and it should have a nice curvy shape, like an "S" or a banana shape. This is another reason why people should really use the sitting contemplation stance unit instead of the squating unit, coz the squating one can only tell you the colour of your product! It may bring faster delivery, but at the end, what you get is just a pile of dung! :-)

OK, for those who don't know me, you must think I'm a sick %*#@ right about now, but let me explain, I'm a medical student, that's how I know about this shit! :-P Now you know there are 2 kinds of medical students.....the nerds who walk into walls, and the crazies, like moi!!

Of blood and water

Is it a bad sign that I'm out of things to write when I'm just into my 3rd post? Hmmm... Gary, you still think I'm the writer-type? Right, speaking of Gary, well, he's sorta like my cousin. Not convinced? I dare you to try and decipher my family tree - he's my grandma's(on my dad's side) sister's grandson! Ta-dah! In other words, he's my dad's cousins' son. Gosh, I didn't know I can use so many 's-ses in one sentence....I think it's grammatically wrong to do so, but I'm not exactly sitting for my IELTS now am I, so rojakla! Gary's blog is fantastic, go check it out, he's on my blog read list. Actually, he's the one who got me into blogging, so big THANKS to ya! This whole "distant" cousin thingy got me wondering if such things really do exist?! Can you really be "distant" to your own relative? To your own blood? And what if you find yourself "closer" to your "distant" relative compared to that of your immediate relative? In the context of blood, where science had it so simple, A, B, AB, or O, I can't help but wonder, is blood the only tie that binds us to each other? My dad used to tell me and my sisters that family is most important, that friends can come and go. But what if certain friends become more important and more significant in your life than your relatives? At the end of the day, is blood really that much thicker than water??

Heavy thoughts aside, I got a very interesting and informative text from my aunt today. She told me that I should be careful what I put in my blog - yes, I have very hip and happening blog-reading, IT savvy aunties - and come to think of it, the things she told me are very true, so I'm removing the picture of the "BUTT PIRATE" novel from my previous post! So if you missed out on that very interesting picture, too bad la!!

Ahhh, I think I should stop's late and my dog, Bonggo - please do not make fun of my dog's name - needs to pee. Seriously, he has the worst pee and poo timing ever! It's 1 freakin' a.m and he needs to go!

~erm, I sorta need to, right now!

Speaking of poo....hehe....log on tomorrow for my very first, "Friday's Fabulous Faeces Fact!" Hahaha....seriously, it's not for the faint hearted. I got the idea from a blog I read that weighed the pros and cons of dog shit versus cat poo....seriously!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Of anticipation and realisations

So with bated breath I logged on to my blog to see if there were any visitors and comments on my very first ever-in-my-lifetime-blog, and there it was ............. "0 comments"; and so it was that would come to an end; at my tombstone shall be written; " Here Lies Khai Hon, noone visitted his blog"....goodbye!

Haha, no seriously, I think I'm too obnoxious to leave silently! Plus, I'm rather thankful that the blog doesn't really tell you how many visitors you had, that's how I'm consolling myself la! Many, many have come to read my blog, it's just that they were too lazy-assed to leave a comment! OK! Great! Yay!

Anyhooos, it was an interesting day today - here the blogger would like to say that he's not the kind of blogger who goes on describing every minute of his waking moment in his sorta interesting day, coz seriously, he doesn't think ppl would care if he brushed his teeth or not - shits, I gotta stop referring to myself in the 3rd person, so not cool~ OK then, this is taking more time then I expected! Sooooo, as I was saying, I was at Starbucks la dis evening, (the one in Jaya Jusco Klang), I ordered a venti caramel frapuccino (it was too hot a day to order a cappuccino) - I bet you didn't wanna know that! - so this barista and I were talking ( I'm very friendly, no?), and she asked me where I was from, so I was like, "Huh? Klang la!" and she went, "really?? coz you look like you're from PJ or Subang"

Alrite, fast forward, as I was walking to the car ( the trusted transformer car, MyVi) enjoying mah-oh-so-nice frapuccino (sorry ya, no picture la), I couldn't help but wonder, do ppl generally separate others into where they come from ? like a class system?? and if they do, how many points does a person from Klang get?? (judging by her -the barista's- reaction, I'd say, not much) which is totally unfair coz Klang is WONDERFUL, a tad dirtyla but compensate with the oh-so-wonderful bah kut teh!! and if I get kudos for looking like I'm from PJ or Subang, what about ppl from KL? Here I'm guessing the closer you are to a big city, the more points you get! Geeez..whatever happened to not judging a book by it's covers eh?

Seriously, go think about it and let me know.....and if you, yes you, choose to be lazy assed again, it's OK, (channeling Arnie) "I'LL BE BACK!"

who knew back then he would be governor today?

see? don't judge a book by it's cover!

*unless it's just too dodgy to ignore

*Blogger has removed a picture from here for fear of being sued! :-(*

Monday, July 16, 2007

Of new beginnings

Khai Hon has arrived! Khai Hon is a blogger! Khai Hon has a blog space of his own! OK, I'm referring to myself in the third person, if you don't find that remotely depressing or downright scary, I suggest you should go seek professional help! But seriously, I can't believe that I am writing my own blog! See, you have to understand - if you don't know moi- that I, am completely and utterly hopeless when it comes to anything of this sorts; "this sorts" being things that are either IT related or things pertaining to the 3 big W's, yups, the WORLD WIDE WEB! I mean don't get me wrong, I know how to navigate my way through the internet, it's just that when it comes to creating my own stuff, i.e a blog, I find myself stuck in a stupendous rut! I just don't know how to get around it, I know it's hard to believe since it's the 21st century and it seems almost everyone on the planet is blogging but you do not want to know how long it took me to even create this blog account! Seriously, YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW! So, here I am, and yup, I see it fit to brag - Khai Hon has a blog~lol! And yes, for those of you who are snickering with cynicism right about now, I know that there isn't a big 'ol spider spinning an actual web as wide as the world OK?! Khai Hon is not THAT ignorant! Cheerioz~

......seriously, how sure are you there isn't a spider?!