Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fated, Farted, Fasted!!

Ah, the fasting month is upon us! What a difference a day makes, one day things were normal, and when the sun rises the next day, you find yourself at a total loss of words....the supposedly opened 24hour KFC - that's kentucky fried chicken peeps - has it's shutters pulled down and locked so tightly it feels like they vacuum-packed the whole building so that not even a breath of tantalizing KFC-filled wisp of air leaks out!! Shits....the hunger!

So with much hope yet even more trepidation, you move to some other watering - or shall I say food - hole, may it be the hospital cafeteria or shops around the hospital area. Again, greeted with shutters and "closed" signs....Damn, it feels like the growling protest of the stomach could be heard from miles away. Disbelief, utter disbelief!!

At this moment, if my life was a cartoon, it is likely that the people I see, or rather just about every living thing that I pass, would appear as a big and juicy slab of meat!!! Fucks....this ain't helping!

It is times like these when you are truly tested, if you happen to be a non-muslim living in a place where the majority is otherwise, not by your ability to fast, rather, by your ability to look for food!! Haha...Luckily, there is food to be found in the form of Chinatown!! It feels like thanksgiving came early this year!!

So for those of you who are wondering - and secretly praying - if I've starved to death yet, the answer is NO, I'm fine.....just hungry! But then again, I'm always hungry!! Hehe....c yas


~don't let the smiley faces fool ya, this is pro' lly the worst place to have a tosai....ever!

other stuffs edible though....

still, don't think we're coming back anytime soon

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hopelessly Addicted

I can feel it coming, the urge, the need, so insatiable, the yearning, the helplessness, vulnerability that which rivals a kitten trying to cross a busy road, so naked, the impossible feeling of surrendering to it, giving in, letting it take over.

It came slowly but unquestionably; insidious this thing, somehow, someway, like I knew it would. Like it did countless times before. This thing that's been a part of me since.....I don't know when! Yet, I hate it not, but that doesn't mean I like it either!

So here I am, contemplating, like a hopeless addict faced with his demons, in the dark corners of my mind, planning. Should I walk, no, run away? If I did, would I fall deeper into it's sinister clutches? Could I?? Would I manage without it? Questions, forever, in my mind!

This thing, if only you knew, you'd probably lose it too!

This need,

this overwhelming need


PONTENG!! Hehehehe......

Hahaha, sorry peeps, if you know me, besides being a glorified drama king, I "used" to be the person who plays truant as deftly as Jim Brickman plays his piano! And now, I'm experiencing what people would call....withdrawal symptoms....still right now, conscience has the upper hand! (damn you conscience)!! I know I would be on the losing end if I do it now, but soon....yes......soon.......muahahaha (evil)......seriously, I'm scaring myself! Bye!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

When things feel different

It's been nearly a week now since I returned to KT from Klang - gosh, it's so weird that I'm starting to truly consider excepting this place! Ahh....adaptation, what peculiar human behaviour! Things feel different this time around, as it should, I always knew in my heart that coming back here after the first visit home would be damn difficult, and it is, or rather it was for the past few days! But now that the cloudy facade of this being a holiday has lifted, I guess I can start "accepting" - I know, say it with me people; Gasp!! - this place as my potential "home" (double-freakin-GASP!!) No, no, scrap that....not home, but rather a place to live in; then again, it's not like I'm left with much of a choice here am I?! Argh....