Friday, August 31, 2007


Hey peeps, I apologise beforehand if you find this title remotely offending, however it do I put my entry today! For those of you who don't already know, I'm back in Klang, my hometown!! Hooray, and today was perfect with a capital P!! I woke up this morning in my fabulous bed - fabulous as in I've been sleeping in it for so long I can smell myself in the bed, oversharing no? Hehe....It's mah blog!! Nyways, guess what I had for breakfast?! The original, most authentic, absolutely scrumptious KLANG BAH KUT TEH!! My gosh, it was sooooooo good, I stuffed it all in so much I didn't need to have lunch - seriously, thank god for strecth-able stomach! Have I mentioned how good it feels to be back home?! Ahhh....

Next, as I predicted, went shopping with my sis and Justin in the revamped Subang Parade today. It's no longer the dodgy place it used to be, trust me, in fact I might go as far as saying that it's really a good place to hang out! Not kidding!!

Dinner time, my sis and Justin brought me to this PORK ribs place somewhere near Mont Kiara area - I know this because we past the "forever-dodgy-avoid-at-all-cost" Science Center! And man, PORK ribs and BEER, it's sooooo goooooods! I'm so damned stuffed right now it's amazing I can sit down and write this!! Hence (wow, hence, my english teacher is gonna be so proud of me if she reads this - highly unlikely though) I'm gonna have to stop soon!!

Everything must come to an end right? And this end is particularly horrifying! I'm going back to no-pork-land tomorrow night! Ahh, as predicted again....I don't wanna go! ARGH!! I'm gonna miss home so much, but then again, nothing beats the anticipation of coming home next right? Ah, just another 7 weeks!!

Oh yeah, one piece of information left....yesterday night when I got back home....I ate Bah Kua....if you don't know what it's basically PORK!! Hehehe....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Going Home

I'm going home!! I'm going home!! After what's feels like a whole lot of time (1month) here in the land of "zilch" entertainment, I'm finally going home! To Klang, land of glorious food and excitement; I don't even mind the filthy river ( technically it's not Klang river that's polluted, it's Gombak river that flows into Klang river! ) Hehe...seriously, I'm just giddy with excitement!

Then again, I fear going back now would bring about some potentially ill consequences....ominous no?! Well, I predict there may be some degree of bed hugging or door hugging, some form unfruitful negotiations to stay a couple of days more when the time comes to leave and come back to this desolate place! Sad sad sad!!

Well, think on the bright side, first thing I'm gonna do when I land in LCCT, COFFEE BEAN and MCDONALD', thank my sis soooooooooo much for comin to get me, reach home, bonggo - my dog (see below for picture - no, u got to go way down to my previous entries), warning! seeing my dog's picture might actually make u fall in love with me!! haha...then, a nice, loooooooong, HOT SHOWER - it's times like these when I wish that we still had a bath tub at home - and then I'm gonna go sleep....extra my morning, BREAKFAST, I'll probably stuff up so much I don't need lunch but still, energy is needed for shopping, no?! Dinner with my sis, she promised to bring me to a place with the best PORK....yes....PORK RIBS!! My parents went to Miri for a holiday, aiyo, sad sad sad!! Back home, I'm predicting - no, not a prediction, more of a FACT - I'll be planting my ass into the sofa, in front of one of the world's most fabulous creation, ASTRO!!

Foreseeing a lot of moodiness and emo on Saturday....still, life goes on no?! But then again, life? Here? In KT? Seriously?? haih~

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Of Sleep, or Rather The Lack There Of!

Ah, it's been less than 3 weeks - seriously? it feels like 3 months already - since Year 3 of med school started and I'm already deprived of sleep!! Ah, sad sad sad! My most favourite past time next to eating and I ain't getting nearly enough of it! Argh....frustrating!!

People always say that this is the life of a doctor, I get it, I do, just in the mood to complain!! Yups, I get mighty nasty when I don't get mah sleep, so bite me!! Still, I can't be going to the wards with my face down to there, so the next most favourable option is to pent up all the sleepiness, tiredness, laziness, discontentness (hmm, does this word exist?), all the ness, suck it up and put on a brave, sympathetic and approachable face! And might I say I pull it off pretty well!! Ah, showmanship! Or some people would just call it two-faced smug; I personally prefer the former! Still it only takes one patient to make all the general negative-ness go away. Sympathy kicks in like caffeine in a triple shot venti cappuccino (ah, what I would give for a starbucks or coffee bean right now!) and I find myself silently giving thanks to be where I am, right then, on the other side of the bed.

Alas, like all great coffee, one can only hold out for so long. Caffeine clears from the system and tolerance level plummets to a depressing low, ease of being aggitated sky-rockets. It feels like I'm about to rip off the heads of some of the more annoying and irritating coursemates (namely the "-itis"s - it's an inside joke)! By this time though, it'll be late evening and I'll be well on my way back, frustration is replaced with nonchalance. The prospect of dinner, shower, and sleep (or at least rest) is like winning the lottery (lol....dramatic I know). Then it happens, the realization of a horrificly true fact.....

There's NO WATER HEATER YET so it's COLD SHOWER, AGAIN!!!!!!! F*@#

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday's Fabulous Faeces Fact #2

Shit Happens, Deal With It!

Dear readers, sorry it took so long to put up the second entry of my fabulous fact! LOL....But if you are in my shoes right now (and by shoes I mean my life as it is right now) , trust me, you would understand my predicament! Then again, it's life right?!

The fact today is pretty self explanatory no? Circumstances change the course of your life and it's best to adapt. Adapt right, and adapt fast! For life's unfair and karma's a bitch, bad things happen to good people all the time...believe me, in my line of work (well future work), I see it basically everyday! So change is inevitable....the poop has to fall somewhere, either into the toilet bowl or on your windscreen or anywhere else. You can whine, you can grumble, you can throw a pissy fit but at the end of the day you just got to deal with it one way or the other right?!

So why not skip the dramatic stress-inducing facade and just deal with things as they are eh?! Why do we dwell in the past instead of living in the now?!

~yes, that's Bah Kut Teh! In Chinatown Kuala Terengganu!!

It was the first time I had BKT with chopsticks! Totally weird! But totally GOOOODssss!!

Klang ones are better though! ah, miss home!!

P/S : MV, if you are reading this, my msn

Monday, August 20, 2007

Confusing Confucius, The Case of the Missing M

There are things in this life that shouldn’t be meddled with, things that shouldn’t be taken lightly, things that are so utterly important, so incredibly significant that even a wisp of change will bring about chaos of catastrophic proportions. Such things are so delicate and intricately intertwined with normal living behaviour that any change just don’t make no sense, yet, change happens, and you end up having Friday and Saturday as your weekend! Come on man, it’s just impossible to compute! SUNDAY, A WORKING DAY??????!!!!! How freaking f*#$-ed up is that?! Aiseh…..shits…depressed!!

I get the feeling I’m living in an alternate reality right now, weekdays just feel longer than usual, weekends feel like they fly by in a blink of an eye. I firmly believe it’s the screwed up weekend system. Maybe I still haven’t gotten used to the idea, maybe maybe maybe, but can you blame me for refusing to accept that the state I live right now is probably one in a handful (or should I say hand-less) of places in THIS WHOLE GREAT BIG WIDE world to have a Friday-Saturday weekend??

It’s so mind-blowingly confusing sometimes, I wake up knowing that it’s the third day in a week I’ve woken up early, but it’s only Tuesday….confused? Welcome to mah world!

Well, I guess there’s nothing silly lil’ me can do about this “catastrophe” except to accept it right? When I finally decide to leave it be, something even more terribly confusing about this place presents itself in all its agonizingly myth-like mockery to life….…..



……………..MCDONALD’S in KUALA TERENGGANU!! Arghhhhh……

~very beach ready no?? well, at least 3 of us...

from left; Nelson the Fart-o-nator, Khang How the walking Medical Library, Kim Hoon the roommate, yours truly, and Khai Yang the copycat who shares the same middle name!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Keropok Lekorized

One thing you cannot miss in KT (just like mosques only edible) is keropok lekor's sorta like the famous non-healthy indulgent food here, it's a fish keropok but not the crispy kind, instead it's the squishy long things that looks really dodgy but hey, never try never know right?! Seriously, when driving along KT you can see people selling them by the side of the road every single mile without fail. So yesterday we were brought to the supposedly "MOST FAMOUS" keropok lekor store in KT a.k.a Keropok Lekor Kak Yah! It was surprisingly nice but the thing is they sold them in packets of 8 and alas, I didn't have the wisdom to think to share, so I greedily bought a whole pack for myself! Let's put it this way, there wasn't any room left for breathing when I was done with the thing and I think I've had enough of the oily stuff to last me, well, my whole lifetime perhaps?!

Ahh, the fact that I'm writing a post today means that the internet connection in my campus is up and running - finally - but it's still screwy at best. I had to wait nearly 5 mintues just to sign into my blog! Aiyoyo~ but at least it's up, and I have contact with the civilized world even though it's a screwed up contact la...Still no Wifi though...need to use the LAN line in the PC lab....please don't ask me what's Wifi or tak taus!!

It still feels like I'm on vacation right now, but come Sunday (yes, isn't it sad that my weekends are now on Friday and Saturday?!) I think things will be pretty hectic. Ward duties throughout the day and on calls at night! Aiseh...somehow I feel like this is the calm before the storm!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Goodbye, Hello!

Goodbye my dear family, goodbye my friends, goodbye my cute doggy-dog Bonggo, goodbye bah kut teh, goodbye delicious chicken rice, goodbye savoury chocolate brownies, goodbye swimming pool, goodbye gym, goodbye people I say “hi” to but fail to remember their names, goodbye my dearest coffee bean / starbucks, goodbye shopping malls, goodbye cinema, goodbye astro, goodbye E!, goodbye goodbye goodbye!!

Hello Kuala Terengganu……erm…..uhhhh… of gazillion mosques!!