Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Unfair, Unjust, Undue

Today, I saw first hand how unjustifiable some (many) things are in this life. In many ways I understand why these unwarranted "precautions" are put into place where they are. That being said, it still does not feel right, it's almost agonizing to know that we still live in an age where many a things are taboo, many things are still too sensitive to talk, to educate about. In fact, many of these things are simply fundamentally misunderstood, misjudged or straight-up avoided by most society! If this were a perfect little world, well, I wouldn't know because, my dear, this is not a perfect little world - far from it in fact!! But then again, times change, mindset, attitudes evolve, human beings step up to face the challenge that is humanity itself. Just like the African American gain independence and standing in racist civilization, just like womanhood charged victorious against a sexist world, maybe one day....maybe one day. Come to think of it, the blacks are still being oppressed, women still harassed, ah, I wonder how the Jews are doing! Much to do, much to do.
Today wasn't particularly a good day, it wasn't bad just not good enough. As always, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow!!

"When we segregate, the stigma arises; Once we integrate, the stigma goes"

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can't Wait.... go back home!!! 9 more days and I'll be away from this god-forsaken place and touching and breathing the musky, dusty, and smoky air of civilization that is KL and Klang! Ah, HAPPINESS!!

.....for the goddamn writer's strike in the U.S to end! Return me mah beloved TV shows!! Do you know that Heroes has ended for the year?! And get this, it won't return until freakin' March!!! Argh!! That is provided the strike ends then!! Double FREAKIN' ARGH!! and that's just Heroes, what about Brothers and Sisters? And Grey's?? And Private Practice??? And Prison Break??? And Gossip Girl????? Yes, yes, I know I watch a lot of shows so sue me!! My eldest sis used to suggest that I hang the television set around my neck so I can watch it ALL THE TIME!! It's times like these when I'm thankful to have Naruto - the ONLY anime I watch, I swear!! Geeez, I need to find a something new to do while waiting for the return of mah fav shows!! Troublesome troublesome!

.....for shopping!! It's the MEGA-SALE, although I have this notion that manufacturers/the people who run shops, hike up the price just before sales so in the end, it sums up to nearly the same amount and the word "SALE" is just another word on a piece of cardboard, but it's the whole reverse psychology thing and it just feels gooooods and I think I'm talking too much and I seriously think there should be a few full stops in this extremely long sentence.

.....for my Aunty Amy, Uncle David and cousin Christine from England, yes I have "Ang-mo" relatives, to come visit in January!! Luckily I'll also be back in Klang then for the Chinese New Year break!! Wooohoo!!! move into the newly rented house. I've simply had enough of hostel life! Maybe it's the whole sharing room and toilet thing! Soon (but not soon enough), I'll have my own room - again. Can go naked as I please!! Bet you didn't need to know that!! Hehe.... Ah, the freedom of it all!! Nice!! find love anew - pretty self explanatory huh?! Highly unlikely though....issues issues issues!!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Of The Little Things....

Isn't it funny how sometimes what seemed like the most insignificant things could catch you off guard and pleasantly surprise you? The monsoon has finally started here in KT, mornings are incredibly cold, drabby, moody, so much so you can taste the laziness in the air (yes, I'm being my dramatic self) but yeah, at the very least for me - I don't know about the machines takin' human form I live with but definitely for me! Yet again, I'm terribly lazy/nasty most mornings anyway!! Haha....What can I say, me likes the cold!! Except for cold shower that is....Humongous NO NO!! But that's another day.....
Day breaks and the sun shines, yet amid the sweltering glare, there's a constant cool breeze that blows. Dusk brings with it a quaint calm, a peculiar serenity amid fierce winds.
The rough sea is a sight to behold, I have never in my 22 years of life seen such waves, it's amazing how the waves roll in and hit the sandy beach!! Seriously, and no, I'm not out of my mind!
Maybe it's the wind, maybe it's nature, or maybe it's just peculiar me, but it's as if you're transported - for a while - to a better, calmer place where nothing really matters anymore! Sheesh, listen to me, I'm practically preaching!! Yikes!! Better stop!

Mediocrity, what quiet satisfaction!