Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of The Face, and The Book....

So I've pretty much announced that I'm no whiz in computers and matters pertaining to computers. All these I.T gibberish - I'm tempted to say "rubbish" but then I don't want to be bludgened to death by some techy whizy! - so I'll say gibberish, gets me confused! And me nots likes being confused yea~ If only you knew how difficult it was for me to set up this blog acc!! I felt so ancient!! No, I think ancient ran over me, reversed and ran over me again like road kill!

So I'm minding my business, checkin my mails, readin up on the important news - can't believe Cate Blanchett didn't win an Oscar last weekend! Proposterous!! I haven't watched any of the films she was nominated in, but it's Cate!! She's Great!! I didn't mean to rhyme! - Well, back to the story, I was happily minding my business when I came across this email from - erm, you don't need to know - "invitin" mua to join this supposedly "hip and now" thing called "Facebook"!!

O.K, so being the incredibly "hip and now" (barf) kinda person, I signed up! Now, well, let's just say that things are slow with a capitol S! It's like the building in your hometown that has been "in construction" for...EVER!! haha....hopeless!!

~cousin Christine, big sis, 2nd sis, cousin Mien (ignore her water bottle), yours truly
Chinese New Year at Gramps!

P/S: Big shout out to Mei Ann! If you're readin this, well, hello! haha...go find somethin less lame to do!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Of Greener Grass, or Lack Thereof...

Sometimes you fall short, sometimes it feels like you're traveling on a bumpy, winding, relentlessly obscured road leading to the unknown, sometimes the journey scares you to death, sometimes you realize this might not be what it was supposed to be, it might not be the right route anymore. That through the many years on the road, stops have been made, detours, crossroads that have been wrongly and poorly decided upon. In the end, I wonder, if the journey's what matters, well, what if your journey was a hell of a fight, literally!?

"If life were a human being, it would surely be a nasty bitch!"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another day, another "bah"....

Have you ever woken up in the morning and knew, just literally knew, that today was going to be a hugely unproductive day?! Not a bad day, just a lazy day. Like you just want to be left alone, care-free for whatever time that's available! Well, today was one of those days for me! It's like someone drugged you with a whole lot of sleeping pills and when you finally wake up, you just wanna go back to visit the "Zs" in ZZ land! Seriously, it's bad, especially for people like me! Anyhoos, like I said, today was profoundly unproductive, I tried to open a book to study and basically bathed the book with drool! So finally decided to just spend the day practically lazying around! And then I thought, "oooh, I can blog!". So here I am maybe a handful of lines into the entry and already the Zs are taunting me, it isn't much help that I'm practically typing this while lying on my bed, wearing....well, let's not go there or this would lead into a very different direction! Cheekiness!! Which reminds me, I have to take a shower!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Checkin' In

Hello hello!

It's the lunar new year, so Happy Chinese New Year people!
Well, that's about it actually, had the urge to announce that I'm fine after the beers and the gambling! Didn't lose a liver or lose a limb to loan sharks! lame-ness!!
Although I can't guarantee if I'll still have my head after I sit for my semester assessment which is tomorrow for which I am actually fully prepared for, if only it was a test on how to play "Black Jack and Poker"!! Let's say it together now, I'm thoroughly screwed!! But then again, it's just a mock exam - so I keep telling myself! Gulp?!

Check back soon-ish....if I still have my head!