Saturday, May 29, 2010

Of The Return....

It's been many months, countable months but you guys know how I am with math....
I guess many of you aren't checkin' in anymore, which is in itself a blessing, there's a peace here and here is where I can speak my piece!
For many things have transpired over these many months, some sad, some heartbreaking, some nonchalant, some utterly devastating, some gruesomely exciting, some simply put a huge smile on my face!

And here I am now, returned, refurbished, excited for the future, yet timid over the inevitable!
With renewed hope, I'm definitely leaving something, someone behind, discarding off your baggage!
I find myself rejoiced that I am no longer a student, only to reminded by the recurrent chant that people in my profession do not quit being a student!
At least for now, after 5 long years, I've achieved one of my dreams, my goals in life! It's been a rough journey, people always say, your college/uni life is your best life ever! But they neglect to tell you that jumbled into all those wholesome best-ty-ness is a whole bunch of other bitchiness and drama! Nevertheless, good things, GREAT things have happened!

That's all for now I guess...another chapter begins...time to get tied down with new baggage!!