Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No explanations, it's just me

Hey peeps, I know it's been a while....been busy, things have been pretty hectic around here if I may say so. Last week was my final week in the Internal Medicine block - for those of you who don't quite understand what you just read in the previous sentence, it basically means I can take a breather from the hospital! That dun mean I dislike hospital life, a person just needs a breather every once in a while! But then again, after 7 weeks in the wards, there's a lingering sense of attachment! Seriously, very emo huh?!

Right, gotta say that I'm in one of my moods....again.....There are times, many times in fact, in my life, that I have chosen to distance myself away from certain circumstances, certain things, certain people. It's like second nature for me to leave something be when it becomes potentially dependable. Move on, away. Returning, if ever, only when said something no longer seem dependable onto me or me onto it. Maybe it's a fear of commitment, I don't know, but everytime I'm faced with these circumstances, I feel suffocated, compelled to just up and leave.

I guess some may say that it's a form of fear of commitment, however, for example, if you get "involuntarily" stuck in a situation most unfavourable, isn't it just basic human instinct to leave, wash your hands clean and just stay the hell away from the sticky situation?!

If, my dear readers, you think that I'm commitment-shy, I say this to y'all.....
I call it self-preservation!! c