Monday, December 21, 2009

Of Dry Spells....

OMG.....2 months....2 months since I last updated...and funny thing is, I didn't realize it's been so freakin' long! Ahhh, how time flies when one is preoccupied with the nonsensicallities (nope, i'm quite sure that is not a word) of life!!

Gosh...I can't believe how blinded I was, lookin back right now, it's disturbin how foolish and stupid I was! Oh, damn it!

I bet you (I wonder who would still be reading this shit) must be wondering what I'm talking about right now, but as my dear cousin Miss Ann and my dear friend Miss Teh would say, "your blog is rubbish! Don't know what you are writing about!! Don't understand!!"

So this is how it should be, left in the dark...all I can say is that it is over. I feel free, light....and foolishly ready to jump back into the game, hoping that I would not freefall into oblivion!

So here's to u...and me....and all the amazing and fabulously ppl in the world...the new year's around the corner...let friends be closer friends, let lovers be even more passionate, let the bonds that bind us grow stronger and most of all.....let fuckers be forgotten!!