Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shedding The Old Skin....well, at least some of it!

Well, well, it's time to be totally self-absorbed again! offense to other bloggers!
But it is totally self-absorbed stuff I write in my blog!
haha...probably that's interesting for u guys, probably u find it a tad too icky, probably u have decided to stop reading but hey, I guess some ppl stilll ike to read rubbish no?!

anyways, putting that aside, I had one of the most exciting, fun and not to mention DRAINING weekend! (see, TOTALLY self-absorbed!) Had a visit from a new found friend and boy-oh-boy, the weekend was such a blast...didn't stop eating, as my dear housemate put it, subsituted water for the other kind of liquid (wooohoo! no nasty thoughts ppl!) oh and did I mention we ate like mad?! hmmm...

on a totally different subject, (i'm allowed to drift) today marked the beginning of a new era! A drastic change was shoved and forced upon us! On this day, many (like me) will stare bewildered at the monitors, wondering what had happened, wondering why such a change was waranted! It is a time for mourning (again, if u r like me). It is a time where ppl like us look back and miss the simpler days! BECAUSE, to day is the day.........a historic aweful day.......the day when, FACEBOOK HAD A FACELIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha...i feel so dramatic at times! kekeke....but I HATE the change man, I just got used to the old FB layout and now, I have to learn it all over again! F*#%!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Things That Are Truly Important

In life we face a lot of changes, whether we like them or not, to me, the most important thing to learn from change is the ability to adapt to said changes

In life, shit happens, it does...physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, in fact, all the -ally-es, so when it does, the most important thing is to find a place to poop!

In life, love happens,'s complicated most of the time, and i seriously have not learned anything important enough to be philosophical

In short, life happens, everyday comes and everyday goes, somethings are certain, but many others are beyond our control, acceptance is necessary, growth is inevitable.

Love is tricky and poop is smelly!
Cheers peeps!