Saturday, January 26, 2008

A New Year, A Silent Prayer....

Hey peeps!

I wouldn't even dare wish all of you a happy new y***! It's freakin' 27 days late! Hah! Much has happened since my last entry, in my life and in general really! Seriously, contrary to popular belief, I'm not that much of an egotistical pig, just a bit!! Hehe...Well, I've finally moved out of the hostel - hooray me!! - into a rented house nearer to town, oh no, no, no, Kuala Terengganu is a CITY now - hooray, erm...not really - anyhoos, I guess it's safe to say that I'm completely done with living in a hostel, happiness!!!! I think I have exhausted myself explainin' why I'm so glad to be out of the hostel, so let's not go into that shall we?!

Moving on, moving on, things have been hectic lately, what with the semester coming to it's end, moving into the new pad, exams are right around the corner, but not before the Chinese New Year celebrations!! To booze, "ang pau's", gambling, and more booze!! Good times ahead!

I don't celebrate thanksgiving, so I guess now is as a good time to give thanks as any. So let the sappy, emo, thoroughly "eeew" moments begin but promise you me, that it all boils down to a very important point in the end so bear with me yes?! Right, big shout out to my parents and my sisters, who practically taught me everythin I know, or if not, helped me know everything I know! Gosh, how some people can be so dependent, so naive, so clueless, so ignorant is just beyond me! I may not be totally independent, but at least I can proudly say that I can survive with the basics. Seriously people, complete reliance on others over what to do and every other freakin' decision is NOT sexy!! Independence is under-rated really! Boilin'!! Ah...deep breaths, deep breaths!! Don't wanna name names, it's just irritating and infuriating that's all!!

The world lost 2 prominent and gifted figures since my last entry, a silent prayer goes out to the late Benazhir Bhutto and Heath Ledger, and to their grieving family and friends. I know it's kinda odd to place the two names side by side, but both are great, amazing people whose amazing lives and work have touched many and offered much to help the people. Their untimely deaths lay proof to how fragile the human life is.

Happy New Year's people ~ 27 days late!